Network Maintenance Notification

As you may recall, we've spent a considerable amount of resources of late to upgrade our internal network and the time has now come to upgrade our external network.

These works (deployment of 2x routers, doubling of primary upstream capacity and addition of 2x backup transits) will be carried out in a number of stages to minimise disruption to clients.  The first of these stages is as follows:

Date: 15/05/13
Time: T.B.A
Affected: All clients on our UK Network

Our primary upstream will remove one of our network paths (we have two for redundancy), this path (KSP to THE) will be the first to be upgraded.  From the point our primary upstream removes this path to the point we introduce the new path (see below) our network will be considered ‘At Risk’ due to the lack of resilience.

Whilst the above sounds daunting, in reality there should be no reason to worry as since the paths went live 15+ months ago, neither has failed.  In addition, should we experience a failure on the existing THN path, we’ll bring the old THE path back online as a matter of urgency.

Assuming the above goes smoothly, at 22:00 BST, we will begin moving the THE backhaul path over to our new router/cabling.  This part of the process should take no more than 1-2hrs.  During this time clients may notice short episodes of minor packetloss/latency increases as the network re-converges.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

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