New Website , New Staff & Increased Packages

We would like to start by offering Clifford all the best with his latest ventures. Currently Clifford is working very hard on some very large projects, and as such will be taking a back seat at CMWebHosting.

The day to day running and operations of CMWebHosting will now be taken on by Clifford's Wife, Amanda. Amanda comes with years of experience with networking and server systems. She will easily be the best candidate to take over the day to day operations.

Nothing will change, except that maybe you will see Amanda posting things rather than Clifford. Along with this we felt that it was the right time to freshen up the Website to bring it more in line with our current package plans.

We have had a very busy time over the past few weeks getting everything sorted out and everything done in the correct way.
Your business is important to us, this is why we went for an option that would allow you to continue your service with CMWebHosting without any interuption.

To bring Mandys views inline with CMWebHosting's we have also increased all packages and re-structured everything to be alot easier to understand.
Please make Amanda feel as welcome as possible, she really is going to be an Asset going forward

CMWebHosting Team

Sunday, March 23, 2014

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